How to Get In Touch With Your Spirit Guide

spirit guides by AlicePopkorn Spirit guides are here to help us in times of need. Photo by AlicePopkorn

How to Get In Touch With Your Spirit Guide

spirit guides by AlicePopkorn

Spirit guides can come in many forms, from animals to people. Photo by AlicePopkorn

Spiritual guides, or spiritual entities, can access our material world and provide us with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Some people believe that these entities, and those of us that possess psychic abilities, can communicate very closely with each other. They also believe that psychics can communicate with them because they can actually see them. Others believe that we all have a spiritual guide of some sort, yet we can’t see them, nor communicate with them the way that a psychic can.

Your guide is a very special being. It is believed by some that these are souls that have been reincarnated many times, but have finally broken free from the cycle of birth to death. Owing to their many lives and experiences here on earth, they can then give us great wisdom and knowledge.

Getting In Touch With Your Guide

Communication between you and your spirit guide is obviously a great way to know if they exist or not. This can be done in several different ways:

  • Physical forms. Yes, standing right there in front of you.
  • Astral projection. Leaving your body, your consciousness travels over the astral realms. At a point in your travels, you meet your spirit guide(s), where they will advise you in whatever you need to ask of them.
  • Visualization and meditation. You basically put yourself into a trance, seemingly to leave your body and meet with your guide(s).
  • Dreaming. Some believe that you will fall asleep, yet when you wake up, you will have the answer to your question or questions from what you dreamt the night before.
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Spirit guides sometimes appear unbidden when we need them. Photo by AlicePopkorn

Even if you never meet your guide, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have one. Some just feel they have something that is always guiding them when they need it. That is your spirit guide at work. Sometimes, you may feel an inner urge to do something a certain way, or take an important step, even if you really haven’t thought much about it. You might feel that you are “acting on impulse,” but that, too is your spirit guide helping you.

Animal Guides

Spirit guides aren’t always human by nature. The Native Americans have always believed in the power of totems, or animal spirit guides. Shamans have always taught their people the reasons why animals are so important to them. For these Native Americans, animals have always been an important and necessary source of great wisdom.

A good example of this is the common crow. It is believed to have access to the land of the dead, and that it helps souls cross over to the side of death. Because of this, they will obviously be unafraid of the unknown, and have great knowledge and wisdom about life and death. I may never look at the crow in the same way again.

Sometimes you may try and try to communicate with your spirit guide but just feel as if there is something blocking you.  In these cases, you may want to find a free psychic chat or pay for an online psychic chat session with a psychic medium or tarot medium who can help you walk with your spirit guide.

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